0743R 0743r.com soundcloud.com/0743r
I was making a lot of albums with distinctly different styles, and in collaboration with multiple artists, so I made 0743r.com to showcase them all in one place.

1881 (Electro-Rock) 1881band.com
Written and performed by Erik Molstad, Brian Molstad & Paul Duquesnoy
Example: 2) Forever Doin' It

Aztalan Sun (Ambient) aztalansun.0743r.com
Written and performed by Paul Duquesnoy & Jason Wilhelm
Example: 03) Stockade

Boost (Remixes)boost.0743r.comsoundcloud.com/boost-remixIndabaTwitter
Remixes by Paul Duquesnoy
Example: 03) Help I'm Alive by Metric (Low Pressure Remix by Boost)

Buau (Dubstep)buau.0743r.comsoundcloud.com/buau
Written and performedby Paul Duquesnoy & Jason Wilhelm
Example: 05) Easy

Cley (Trip Hop) cley.0743r.com
Written and Performed by Paul Duquesnoy, Chris Gustafson & Krysta Close
Example: 01) Alpho

Flight Mechanics (IDM) flightmechanics.0743r.com
Written and performed by Sean Behling & Paul Duquesnoy
Example: 01) Friction Coefficient

MSIF+Boost (Dance) msif.boost.0743r.com
Written and performed by Mike Stasny, remixed and mastered by Paul Duquesnoy
Example: 02) A Few Good Men

SML8 (Drum & Bass / Dubstep) sml8.0743r.com soundcloud.com/sml8-0743r
Written and performed by Paul Duquesnoy
Example: 04) Ghost Hacker

Twin Trio (Electronic Jazz) twintrio.0743r.com
Written and performed by Paul Duquesnoy & Michael Shank
Example: 08) No Friend of Mine